Volkl Kenja (2017) (Womens)

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Last season, Völkl introduced some minor changes in its best-selling Kenja -- a wider 90 mm waist, a bit of tip taper, and discrete rocker at the tip and tail -- all intended to make the ski easier to initiate and more playful. That's not to say that the Völkl Kenja Skis have lost any of their legendary precision or power; the Kenja still carves up hard snow like a Ginsu knife in butter, and blasts through variable snow like the DEA coming in the front door of a crack house. Not for the faint of heart, but perfect for the technically sound rider who knows the difference between a clean carved turn and a skidded one, the Kenja is waiting.
Super Demo Plus Ski Package 1 Day $70.00
Super Demo Plus Ski Package 2 Days $140.00
Super Demo Plus Ski Package 3 Days $210.00
Super Demo Plus Ski Package 4 Days $210.00 (4th Day Free!)