Lib Tech Attack Banana

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Some people head to the hill with the intention of lapping the park all day; others head to the top and charge in the alpine no matter what. And then, there are guys like you. Yes, you. The ones that dig it all; the ones that refuse to let their riding be pigeon-holed. Drop into the park for a few, line out windlip airs, and grip on the windbuffed peaks. But for all mountain exploration, you’ll need a board like the Lib Tech Attack Banana HP EC2 Snowboard. Complete with Magne-Traction® edges and the EC2 camber line, this true twin machine will handle whatever you throw its way -- and look good doing it.
Demo Snowboard Package 1 Day $49.00
Demo Snowboard Package 2 Days $98.00
Demo Snowboard Package 3 Days $147.00
Demo Snowboard Package 4 Days $147.00 (4th Day Free!)